COVID-19 Awareness at The Woodturning Shop

Everyone will be welcome to come and visit The Woodturning Shop during our opening hours of Wednesday to Saturday 9.30am – 3pm, but we kindly ask you to remember these things for your safety and ours:

COVID-19 and Visiting The Woodturning Shop
Since the relaxation of social distancing and face mask requirements in the UK, in line with Government advice, we have taken the decision to continue with the requirement to wear a mask in our shop for the time being. We are sure you will understand that this will keep both our customers and staff safe when visiting. Customers are also requested to use the NHS Track and Trace QR code when visiting. There is one on the door, and another on the till area. Please scan it when coming! Also, hand sanitising liquid will remain available for everyone to use by the door, and by the till.

Garden Centre Works and Annual Leave
Work is continuing apace at the garden center where they are dismantling their poly tunnels in preparation for the erection of new glass gantries in August. When visiting, please keep an eye out for our signage as it has moved to allow safe passage through their work areas. Also please note that they are also keeping their COVID requirement for the wearing of masks in the center as well as the coffee shop area.

To allow the contractors space to work, and to give us some time off this summer, the shop and workshops will be closed between 9th and 23rd August (inclusive). Whilst we may still be on site for some of that time, there may be a couple of days delay from when you place your order to when you receive it.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Thank you, we appreciate your patience and cooperation