Creative Fun Along with Teaching Skills

While our courses are informative and full of knowledge, the students also have a lot of fun on their courses. Martin and Les are passionate and dedicated tutors who not only deliver the best experience for our students, but also bring fun into the process.

Saturday 30th April

Double Teaching

On Saturday, Les had three students for a Woodturning Experience Day, where students learned basic woodturning technics and each of them turned a budvase and a bowl. The courses run in an enjoyable atmosphere and included refreshments, lunch in a coffee shop, which is included in course price, and each student has a 10% off in Woodturning Shop on a day of a course.

At the same time, Martin had a one to one full day tuition in his workshop/studio. His student was demonstrated basic spindle turning, including convex and Concave curves, trimming and cutting beads. Following by basic bowl turning technics, beginning with turning outside of the bowl and then hollowing it from inside.

Tuesday 10th May

Martin’s Forgetfulness

Martin had a student for 1:1 Full Day Tuition in our Learning Centre. The student was able to learn Woodturning on Axminster AT2030 lathe and various woodturning tools under Martin’s guidance. They were also introduced to Robert Sorby ProEdge Sharpenning system, Hope Woodturning sanding tools and Hampshire Sheen Finishing Products, all to achieve excellent results for turned pieces. Martin and his student had such an enjoyable day that Martin forgot to take a single picture for this post during the course.

Always keep you drive centres Sharp 

Les’ Tip of the Week

Thu-Fri 12/13th May

Les’s Fun Side

Another fantastic Beginners 2 Days Group Course with Les in our learning centre. Students learned basic woodturning technics, including use of tools, sharpening process, sanding technics and application of finishing products. During these two days, each student turned a budvase, a bowl and a lidded box. Along with full learning days, students have a tasty lunch in an onsite Coffee Shop.

Les enjoys teaching so much that he never loses the opportunity to be silly Infront of the camera.

Martin’s Product of the Week: Bundles

Buying stuff for any hobby can be expensive. To help our customer’s pockets a bit, we have bundled together some of the items we stock that are often purchased together at the same time and knocked up to 10% off the combined price.
Take a look at the 22 bundles we have currently put together . . .

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