Live Streaming: 25th June

From 10am this Saturday, Martin will be live streaming from his workshop here at The Woodturning Shop.

The stream will start here at 10am where you can watch live.

Better still, if you can get to the shop, you will be able to watch through the large window into his studio!

Here’s the blurb from his YouTube channel:

From 10am (UK) on 25th June, you will have a front row seat as I record my next project video. You will be able to see all the ‘takes’ I need to get it right, all the camera cuts, out-loud thoughts . . . basically, all the bits that usually get edited out into the final produced video.

I thought it may be fun and interesting for you to see what happens in the recording process.

The project should not take any more than 3 hours to record.

*** Please note that as I am recording the stream for a ‘proper’ video, I will not be responding to any comments or queries ***

When the project is complete, there may well be time for a Q&A.

After we are done, I’ll take the recorded footage from my local copy and edit it into my usual produced video format and release that next week, I expect. Anyway, see you on Saturday if you can tune in . . . and if you are local to The Woodturning Shop, you could pop in and see it happening in-the-flesh!

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