New Look Website and New Looking Mailing List

We’d like to apologise for our website being down for such a long time recently. It’s all Martin’s fault for wanting to change the hosting to a UK company and deciding to improve our mailing list software! The process has taken longer than anticipated with some technical issues to overcome, but the site is now live again! Read on for the lowdown on the changes and improvements…

New Website Back Online

Our website server move is virtually complete and the website is back online again! Hooray, we hear you cry! To the left is a screen grab of the new front page which you will notice has some notable design changes . . .

1: Bigger text for easy reading;
2: Larger images for clearer product views;
3: A cleaner, smarter, more professional and easy layout;
4: Clearer form fields for inputting information;
5: Easier to use ‘Stripe’ payment form;
6: Weekly blog featuring news

The techy side of the move is about 95% complete (as of posting this) meaning it might glitch very occasionally, but it works and is ready to serve you!

Mailing List Changes

We are also changing our mailing lists by consolidating them into one single list for a single newsletter. Please follow these instructions if you wish to continue receiving email updates from us . .

1: Click HERE to join the new mailing list before 24th February when the old lists will be deleted;
2: After adding your details, you will be sent a link to confirm your subscription;

Once confirmed, you will be on the list and will begin to receive communications.  These emails will include:

a: Special offers;
b: Product information;
c: A new weekly email with all the news from the shop to give you an idea on what goes on in the shop each week;
d: Les and Martin’s top tips, hints and advice
e: advance information of in-store and remote demonstrations . . .

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