Phase 2 Building: Access Changes

From one day next week (w/c 20th June), access to The Woodturning Shop through the garden centre will change slightly as they enter phase two of their rebuild development. Here are the new access instructions that will be valid until October 2022.

The new temporary garden centre entrance will be through these gates to the left of the current entrance.

After passing through the gates, walk through the temporary shop into the shrub frames.

During our opening hours, you will see our Open sign.

Head diagonally right towards the new tunnel.

Once in the new tunnel, access to us is as usual, beneath the 9′ x 3′ sign.

When complete, the shop area will be contained in this smart new building. The coffee shop will remain as-is and access to The Woodturning Shop will revert to normal.

Both the garden centre and us apologise for any inconvenience the change of access may cause during this exciting second phase of building work.

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