To ensure correct taxes are charged and shipping details are used, all orders from 11th February 2021 will be shipped to your payment card billing address. Apologies for any inconvenience. If you think you may not be at home to receive the order, please leave a note of a safe place to leave it for us to pass on to the carriage company.

For our shipping provider, we use DHL for the UK mainland, USA and Canada and UPS for other UK areas and shipping into Europe . They have proved to be exceptionally reliable with their services for the past three years, and are happy to use their services.
We’ll do our best to send your order the same day if you place it before 10.30am, Monday to Friday. After that time (plus weekends and holidays), your order will be sent the next working day. The costs detailed for FedEx and UPS are for their Monday to Friday delivery services.
Please be aware, that due to teaching, demonstration and show commitments, this may not always be possible.
The prices for UK shipping below are given at cost price and are set by DHL and UPS, and include VAT.
See the bottom of the page for Merchandise shipping information as those costs are calculated live and added over and above the shipping costs of those products dispatched from us.

In all cases, Shipping Costs can be quoted using the Shipping Calculator on your Cart page.

Overseas Orders: Please note that some items are not able to be shipped outside of the EU. These products are clearly marked in the shop and the site will not permit shipping to your country if you are not in the EU.

United Kingdom Mainland

DHL Next Day (up to 25kg): £6.50 inc VAT

Isle of Wight – 2 to 3 Days

DHL 2-3 Day Service: Up to 25kg: £24 inc VAT; 25kg+: £30 inc VAT.
Postcodes Applicable: PO30 – PO41

Highlands and Islands – 2 to 3 Days

DHL 2-3 Day Service: Up to 10kg: £22 inc VAT; 10kg – 15kg: £27.50 inc VAT.
Postcodes Applicable: AB42 3LR, AB42 3LS, AB42 3LT, AB42 3LU, AB42 3LY, AB42 3PD, AB42 3Q, AB42 3WX, AB42 3WY, AB42 3YR, AB42 4, AB42 5, AB43 – AB45, AB51 – AB56, FK19 – FK21, HS, IV1, IV10 – IV19, IV2, IV20 – IV28, IV3, IV30 – IV32, IV36, IV4, IV40 – IV49, IV5, IV51 – IV56, IV6, IV63, IV7, IV8, IV9, KA27, KA28, KW1, KW10 – KW17, KW2, KW3, KW5, KW6, KW7, KW8, KW9, PA20 – PA49, PA60 – PA78, PA80, PH1 1AB, PH1 1NW, PH1 1PY, PH1 1PZ, PH1 1QA, PH1 1QG, PH1 1QH, PH1 1QJ, PH1 1QL, PH1 1QN, PH1 1QP, PH1 1QT, PH1 1QW, PH1 1TD, PH1 1TE, PH1 1TG, PH1 1TH, PH1 1W, PH1 3PA, PH1 3RX, PH1 3RY, PH1 3RZ, PH1 3SB, PH1 3SD, PH1 3SE, PH1 3SF, PH1 3SG, PH1 3SH, PH1 3SJ, PH1 3SL, PH1 3SN, PH1 3SQ, PH1 3TB, PH1 3TD, PH1 3TE, PH1 3TF, PH1 3TG, PH1 3TH, PH1 3TJ, PH1 3TL, PH1 3TN, PH1 3TQ, PH1 4, PH10 6RG, PH10 6RQ, PH10 6SD, PH10 6SH, PH10 6SJ, PH10 6SP, PH10 7JG, PH10 7JH, PH10 7JJ, PH10 7JL, PH10 7JN, PH10 7JP, PH10 7JQ, PH10 7JR, PH10 7JS, PH10 7JT, PH10 7JW, PH10 7JX, PH10 7JY, PH10 7JZ, PH10 7L, PH10 7N, PH10 7P, PH10 7QB, PH10 7QD, PH10 7QE, PH10 7QF, PH10 7QG, PH10 7QQ, PH15 – PH26, PH30 – PH44, PH49, PH5, PH50, PH6, PH7, PH8, PH9, ZE, ZE1, ZE2, ZE3

Northern Ireland & Isle of Man 2 to 3 Days

DHL 2-3 Day Service: Up to 10kg: £33 inc VAT; 10kg – 15kg: £38.50 inc VAT.
Postcodes Applicable: BT, IM, TR21, TR22, TR23, TR24, TR25

Channel Islands 2 – 5 Days

DHL 2-3 Day Service: Up to 10kg: £36 inc VAT; 10kg – 15kg: £38 inc VAT.
Postcodes Applicable: GY, GY10, GY9, JE

Europe 5-7 Days

Please note that due to the changes in EU VAT regulations from 1st July 2021, there is now a minimum order of £150.00 on all orders placed from EU countries to avoid us having to charge you VAT. You may still be charged an import duty by your customs agency. We apologise for any inconvenience.

UPS 5-7 Day Service: Prices vary depending on country.

Please note that whilst Value Added Tax is not applied for sales into the EU and wider european countries, from 1st January 2021, you may be charged import duties by your country.

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