Steady Week of Teaching

Tuesday 31st May

On the last day of the month, Martin had a one to one full day teaching. This course is designed to give a student a tailored approach with consideration of the level of the students’ abilities and turning experience.

With Martin’s guidance, the student turned a goblet to practise spindle techniques in the morning and worked on improving his bowl turning skills after lunch.

Wednesday 1st June

Les had a student for a days Tuition. During the one-to-one days, students have the opportunity to focus on what they want to learn about, turn or practice something they want to, but did not have enough experience previously. Les and Martin gladly share their knowledge and skills with students to help them improve.

When hand sanding always keep the abrasive moving to limit the amount of heat generated and it will lead to a better finish. 

Les’ Tip of the Week

Teaser Announcement . . .

Within the next couple of weeks, we will have a special announcement to share with you . . . We can’t say too much just now, but we think it’s great!

And Now for Something Free!

From 7.00pm (UK time) on Tuesday 14th June, members of our mailing list will have the opportunity to enjoy a free remote demonstration by both Les and Martin.

Hosted in the popular Zoom environment*, this is a super opportunity to enjoy a demonstration of turning and finishing by two professional turners. They will be utilising our permanent set-up of seven cameras and experience of well over a hundred remote demonstrations between them to bring you this special demonstration.

During the demo, Les will turn two pieces in his own energetic and informative style, and Martin will discuss and demonstrate the finishing aspects of them, adding detail and insight into the options available from the Hampshire Sheen range.

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