Turning Through the Heat

This week teaching was challenging for both the teachers and students because of the hot weather. But nothing can stop the thirst for learning a new skill for a creative mind.

 Always use abrasive like someone else has paid for it!

Les’ Tip of the Week

Thursday-Friday 11th-12 August

On Thursday and Friday Martin held a Beginners 2 Day Group Course in our learning Centre.  This particular course is ideal for those who have taken up turning and looking to learn the basics. During those two days students are able to learn in depth basics of spindle and bowl turning, sanding and finishing techniques, as well as sharpening the tools. By the end of the two days every student has three projects in their hands, which are the budvase, the bowl and the lidded box.


On Saturday 27th August we have 10% off on all timber when buying instore. Variety of English species and Exotic wood in:

  • Pen blanks
  • Spindle blanks (up to 26 inch long)
  • Bowl blanks (up to 18 inch in diameter)

We also offer ‘beginners bags’ containing different sizes blanks for the new woodturners to practice their skills.

Martin’s Product of the Week

We’ve just added unhandled 3/8″ and 1/2″ gouges to our growing Robert Sorby range of tools.

Unhanded tools are ideal if you use an interchangeable handle system like the Sovereign one from Sorby, or the ones we stock from Simon Hope.

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